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Analyzing your data sources, Merrigold will provide iterative predictive services for single-step or multistep prediction, for custom time intervals with the most current technologies and techniques to ensure cutting-edge competitive advantages are achieved and sustainable.

We regularly assist businesses, large and small, with reconfiguring and optimizing existing forecasting methods and processes, and always strive to improve accuracy materially. So whether you are an enterprising small business seeking to better predict and understand your operations, or a seasoned corporation seeking to reduce positive and negative variance from an existing system, Merrigold has you covered.

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Our forecasting services are most commonly requested for projects such as FP&A teams needing assistance updating in-house methods, retailers seeking better ways to predict sales and demand, STEM teams needing custom forecasting models, warehouses forecasting supplier delivery dates, and e-commerce businesses seeking to better plan their shipping and inventory. But of course we also regularly provide our forecasting services to more specific needs and projects as well.


The techniques we use for in-house forecasting services vary from Google-class algorithms, to automated linear regression, to simple, manual statistical formulas depending on the scope of the project and the desired data use; as with all of Merrigold’s services, we strive for flexibility for our client, in order to provide the best service possible, and will discuss all options available during the initial project starting phase. For pricing information for our forecasting services, please visit our pricing page located here:

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