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Process Automation

The automation of whole processes relieves employees of repetitive tasks, greatly saving time and cost, by freeing them up to do more consequential and productive duties. So whether you're wanting to automate pulling data from a website into excel, automate interacting with an individual website, or automate interacting with a dataset, Merrigold's automation service can get it done.

Machine Arm Assembling Car

Merrigold can automate desktop tasks ranging from excel tasks, to using specific websites to retrieve or enter information, to calculating specific numbers automatically, to performing tasks during specific times, to setting specific task reminders, to any number of custom needs and projects for our clients.


Our project leads will analyze your requested automative task, break it down into its individual components, and automate the sum of those pieces with our selected programming language, Python, to improve efficiency and productivity. But as with all of Merrigold’s services, we strive for flexibility for our client, in order to provide the best service possible, and will discuss all options available during the initial project starting phase. For pricing information for our model building services, please visit our pricing page located here:

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