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From our company's founding in 2020, as a group of friends and coworkers seeking to better utilize our professional abilities, we have always strived to connect the best talent with the most challenging requests to maximize the value we create for our clients.


Initially starting as a freelance service, Merrigold has expanded into, and pioneered, the data analysis space, especially in regard to the forecasting services on offer. Merrigold retains exceptional quality backed by the security of quality operational warranties and is always striving to better meet the needs of our clients.

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Miles Stanley
Chief Computer Scientist

Miles is Merrigold's Chief Computer Scientist, having a background in code efficiency, and multithreading, and multiprocessing, and is the backbone in ensuring Merrigold has the hardware and software for the team to finish projects as fast as possible.

Miles is always eager to introduce our team to new technologies and software packages and is always keeping us on our toes for the newest innovations for deployment.

In his home office, he keeps a plastic Party City skeleton sitting at the adjacent desk, as his office partner. His name is Mr. Jangles.

Jacob Moody
Chief Data Scientist, Forecaster

Jacob is Merrigold's Chief Data Scientist, having an analytical accounting background, and having both retail and financial forecasting experience, Jacob leads most of Merrigold's services.

He particularly enjoys working with clients where he's able to utilize his TensorFlow and Python experience and is always accommodating to the needs of Merrigold's clients.

Jacob is a big nerd, and in his free time loves to code and game on his PC. His favorite games are Fallout 4, League of Legends, and Minecraft; his most recent game is Dead Space.

Darlene Rodrigues
Chief Administrative Officer

Darlene is Merrigold's Chief Administrative Officer, having a background in Psychology, Sociology, and vast experience working in law offices, Darlene ensures the orderly execution and adherence to our order scheduling and our office's administrative efficiency.

Darlene has a keen interest in human management and is essential to Merrigold's client satisfaction.

Darlene is currently in law school, and we're all very excited for her. Her current semester courses are Constitutional Law, Contract Law, and Property Law.

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