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Data Analysis

Understanding how different data points relate to one another and to the larger bottom line is a specialty of Merrigold. We strive to provide key insights into raw data and to build broader recommendations and information sets to be used by decision-makers. So no matter the condition or verbosity of the data, our team will seek to add structure, definition, and to measure its relationship to your business and your business' goals, and how best to leverage those discoveries for new opportunities of efficiency and growth.

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Our data analysis services regularly serve growing businesses and individual contractors during mergers, department expansions, on-boardings, new systems coming online, and any other situation where unfamiliar or new data must be disseminated and given meaning.


As data analysis is our broadest service, our methodologies are equally expansive, ranging from logic-and-use analysis, to statistical analysis, to nonlinear relational analysis, varying based on the needs of our clients and their projects. As with all of Merrigold’s services however, we strive for flexibility for our client, in order to provide the best service possible, and will discuss all options available during the initial project starting phase. For pricing information for our data analysis services, please visit our pricing page located here:

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