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Data Cleaning & Maintenance

As companies grow, restructure, and reorganize, new systems are adopted and legacy items must be updated and maintained to ensure compatibility. If your data sources have been neglected, corrupted, in need of reformatting or general reworking, consider Merrigold as your service provider for data cleaning and maintenance.

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Regardless of the condition of the data, we will do our best to ensure your data is delivered and returned in the requested state with as comprehensive a review as possible. Depending on the nature of the data, we can also provide data generation services, from simply replacing missing data, to generating whole datasets from existing data sources, to even creating those data sources from minimal existing data.


So whether you have missing data, to inadequately formatted data, to broader data needs, Merrigold will ensure your data is in the desired condition and is ready for operational use. But as with all of Merrigold’s services, we strive for flexibility for our client, in order to provide the best service possible, and will discuss all options available during the initial project starting phase. For pricing information for our data cleaning & maintenance services, please visit our pricing page located here:

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