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Model Building

Large datasets of raw, poorly processed, or unstructured data require extra effort and energies in making them into usable assets for decision-making and operational-use. Merrigold will create a comprehensive, clean excel model based on your raw data and your desired specifications, to ensure your business operations data is always available in an intelligible format.

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So many individuals, small businesses, contractors, and enterprises, accrue larger and larger datasets as their operations grow in size and time; and it’s no secret that in order to keep these datasets and data sources usable for all users, models must be employed to keep the data understandable.


So with the provided data, Merrigold will use pivot tables, pivot charts, power queries, data outlines, VBA code, formulas, and formatting to create a highly intuitive, all-encompassing model for regular use in as broad of scenarios and needs as possible. But of course, as with all of Merrigold’s services however, we strive for flexibility for our client, in order to provide the best service possible, and will discuss all options available during the initial project starting phase. For pricing information for our model building services, please visit our pricing page located here:

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